Digital Squad Fleury


Create a complete squad to manage and evolve the more than 68 websites of the Fleury and Pardini Group brands, in addition to developing new solutions, in a very diverse environment of technologies, organization and infrastructure.


We created a squad dedicated to Fleury, including BI professionals, DevOps, writer, designer, PM, tech lead, and developers to support, evolve, and new releases of the group.

The inherited and developed projects continue with the adoption of best practices of SEO, usability, Performance and security — we are responsible for meeting pentest requirements, correction, and compliance with various information security assumptions, keeping projects solid with high availability and redundancy.

The development team covers technologies such as Strapi, Cosmicjs, WordPress, Sharepoint and Laravel, among other less used stacks, implementing automatic deployment (CI/CD) belts in cloud environments, serverless structures and on-premise servers. Despite all the technical issues, our squad works together with marketing to improve websites and launch new projects, systems, and landing pages.

What have we done?

Desk research

Technical specification

UX and UXW

Interface design (UI)

Development of websites, web apps and systems

SEO and performance

DevOps and hosting

More projects