Guide Play


Create software that echolocates FPS games by recognizing elements present on the screen and converting this information into spatial sound signals, which will expand the experience and make the game accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.


It is estimated that, worldwide, more than 1.3 billion people have some degree of visual impairment, where 36 million are blind and more than 217 million have some moderate or severe visual impairment. This portion of society, unfortunately, has limited access to cultural, social, and entertainment experiences due to the many existing barriers. However, there are several technologies and solutions that can be created to break these barriers and provide inclusion.

Bolha believes in the application of technology with purpose, to impact and transform people's lives and, for this reason, we research and develop assistive technologies. Guide Play is a project designed by BLKJ Havas Singapore and JBL, is an innovative solution that allows people who are blind or have low vision to play Counter-Strike 2.

Using artificial intelligence and Machine learning (IA/ML), we created and developed software for Windows 11, also a prototype, that automatically applies settings to Counter-Strike and captures in real time what happens on the game screen to transform the actions and information on the screen into 360 spatial sounds, perfect for JBL headphones, in addition to being compatible with other brands in the market.

Guide Play was created with the accessibility support of AbleGamers Brazil and with the support, feedback, and insights from people who are blind or have low vision in Brazil — Wzy, Alexandre Costa and Jonas Fernandes — and the rest of the world, who made a valuable contribution to testing and validating the solution and providing feedback on accessibility, possible features and improvements.

Bubble was responsible for the design, complete development and sound effects produced by Wzy, in addition to creating a customized Counter-Strike 2 map for JBL, a training map so that players can get used to the sounds, understand the game situations and configure Guide Play with the volume, features and sounds that best suit their playing style. It is possible to learn more about the project on the website JQL Quantum Guide Play.

What have we done?

Feasibility analysis

Application of new technologies

Computer vision

Interface design (UI)

Technical specification

Usability tests

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Development of immersive experiences

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