The Gaming Cap


Enable people with hearing disabilities to hear the sound of games, transforming audio into a new tactile and immersive 360º experience, breaking old accessibility barriers.


Co-created with VMLY&R and developed for Dell Technologies, in addition to having all the expertise of the teams from AbleGamers and AME, Bolha created this new wearable device. The Gaming Cap is an innovative accessibility tool, allowing hearing-impaired players to have a complete and immersive experience, without losing game information that is generally provided by sound stimuli.

The Gaming Cap it is a project that involves design, technology, prototyping, manufacturing, excellence, hope, improvement and, above all, purpose. A series of vibrators installed in the cap are responsible for generating tactile stimuli. The cap has a processor that converts sound frequency into intensity, speed and per vibration zone, triggering the order (sequence), duration and force with which they should vibrate to the sensors - this creates a 360º tactile experience that can guide deaf players about what is happening around their character in the game.

Bolha worked on the entire engineering of the project, in addition to the design of the product and the cap itself, which was produced exclusively for this project.

What have we done?

Feasibility analysis

Proof of Concept (POC)

Bench prototype

Industrial design

PCB design

Firmware development

3D printing

Production and assembly

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