The Game Within the Game


A soccer game on TV and the most anticipated move of the match was the chance to grow the base of new clients Bitso, the cryptocurrency broker that sponsors São Paulo Futebol Clube.


The union between Bitso and São Paulo Futebol Clube opens up a unique opportunity to create actions that engage fans in new ways, building a partnership that goes far beyond uniform sponsorship.

What if the sponsorship of the São Paulo Mangas made possible a game that takes place during the club's match against one of its main opponents?

Let's put a QR Code on one of the sleeves.

Using social networks and influencers, we will invite people to participate in the Game within the Game. The rules are simple: - During the match, whoever can scan the QR Code through the TV will win Bitso cryptocurrency.

The QR Code leads to a landing page that will only be active during the match. The user fills in their email and then R$50 in Bitcoin will be deposited to their Bitso account.

Bolha was responsible for the creation and development of the landing page. The action was a success and the entire prize quota was reached during the 90 minutes of the SPFC game against Palmeiras, on 10/03/2022.

What have we done?

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